F&P RWSs - Equip./Tooling -- QUESTIONNAIRE #3999

F&P RWSs - Equip./Tooling -- QUESTIONNAIRE #3999

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Information to be provided to us

to get proposals / quotations / tecgnical details

Type of process material(s)

Tensile strength min/max ^

Yield strength min/max ^

Material thickness min/max

? of interest:

a) Iron Hook Yes/No

b) Steel sheet Hook Yes/No

c) Gutter Joint Piece Yes/No

d) Gutter End Cap Yes/No

e) Gutter Inner & Outer Corner Yes/No

f) Gutter Outlet Collar  Yes/No

g) Conventional Bent Tube (Elbow) Yes/No

h) Side Seamed Bent Tube (Elbow) Yes/No

i) Downpipe Wall Holder Yes/No

j) Other ? => specify            

Power Supply     Voltage, Frequency    


ModelRWSs - Equip./Tooling -- QUESTIONNAIRE #3999